Consultation Services - reasonable rates, depending on scope of project

Pre pro: 
     *Field media management plans (how to organize shot media for post)
     *Media backup & ingest workflow plans
     *Custom project setup & configuration
     *Elements organization: archival, graphics, music customized for your project's specs and deliverables
     *Staffing recommendations from my rolodex of editors, producers, archival producers, post supervisors, post coordinators, associate producers, assistant editors, and production assistants
     *Schedule & budget consults & revisions
     *Vendor recommendations for in-show elements: graphics, composers, visual effects, etc. 
     *Scope of Work summaries to get your vendors up and running quickly
     *Technical consults re: anything from delivery specs, syncing & grouping, cut exports specs, elements ingestion & organization, finishing prep
     *Resource allocation consults - how to use your existing resources to accomplish Herculean tasks
     *Tracker templates and execution plans

Finishing & Wrap:
     *Bid consults & negotiation
     *Deliverables negotiations with your client
     *Audio mix & color correction vendor recommendations
     *Book finishing sessions & reviews
     *Customized color grade / mix plan customized to your projects deliverables and destination (broadcast television, streamers, festival, theatrical run)
     *QC liaising 

Crisis management & emergencies:
Footage drive arrived from the field in the wrong format? Corruption on the last clip of last card of the day with the most epic reveal? AE erase 1/3 of your raw media? Post schedule asking you to defy the laws of time and space? Client asking for impossible deliverables from your skeleton staff? 300+ graphics delivered in wrong specs for your Netflix pipeline? Can't clear or fair use a crucial piece of archival? Finishing vendor can't seem to deliver a master file to pass QC? 
Been there. Call me. We'll get through it.
Anything I haven't mentioned? Shoot me an email... 

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